Museum of Science and Industry


Rebranding Manchester's biggest museum

After becoming part of the Science Museum Group, Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry selected Hemisphere to work on a full organisational rebrand.

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The organisation had already taken a strategic decision to move away from its previous acronym, MOSI, as audience research across the wider North West had shown that the abbreviated name had little or no recognition outside Manchester. Following further consultation with key stakeholders, Hemisphere devised a simple yet bold brand identity scheme that could be implemented gradually over the museums' extensive 7-acre site.

The identity utilises a new 'atomic bolt' device that harks back to Manchester's industrial past but also references the splitting of the atom and the future potential of the new superconducting material graphene, which was first discovered in the city in 2003. As well as being an integral element of the logomark, the atomic bolt is also being used extensively in patterning and environmental applications, as well as in merchandise, iconography and uniforms.

With a new Special Exhibitions Gallery currently under development at the museum, the plan is to roll out the identity over time as exhibitions, interpretation materials and wayfinding elements are updated.