What we do

At Hemisphere we believe that intelligent design thinking has the power to change people, places and organisations for the better.

Whether it's improving results, enhancing an experience, developing relationships or changing perceptions, we can help your brand to raise its game.

Our specific area of expertise is the development of effective brand solutions for clients that range in scale from cultural organisations and start-up companies to transport systems and even whole cities.

We can help you unpick your particular business or reputational problem, using a proven approach to uncover the issues and map them out against your long term objectives, identifying where there are real opportunities for change. Our methods will help you, your staff and your stakeholders gain fresh insights and develop new perspectives on your organisation, your services and your relationships with your key audiences.

But we know that engaging a brand consultancy can be a daunting task. You need to find the right combination of experience, intelligence and creativity that will tick all your procurement boxes, whilst giving you the confidence that your brand is in safe hands. But you also want a design partner who will help you to look at things anew, push you to the edge of your comfort zone and open up new possibilities.

It's this type of mutually enhancing relationship that our business is based on. If you're interested in finding out more, or in talking directly to one of our clients as a reference, please get in touch.